Graco 4Ever DLX Grad 5-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

These infant car seats are also easy to wash and maintain, compact, and portable. We hope our list of the best graco turboboosters can help you find the right one to make your car journeys with your baby comfortable, enjoyable, and safe. The Graco four-in-one car seat is versatile and effortlessly transforms into different modes, from rear-facing to forward-facing harness seat, high-back belt-positioning, and backless belt-positioning booster.

You can also unsnap the lower portion of the cover inside the belt path to expose the entire belt path — whichever method helps YOU install the seat correctly is the best one. Once the vehicle seat belt is threaded through the rear facing belt path and the shoulder portion of the belt is accessible, press down on the seat pan with one hand while pulling straight up on the top portion of the vehicle seat belt to remove all slack. Once the slack is removed, engage the seat belt’s locking mechanism to secure the installation and feed the excess slack back into the seat belt’s retractor.

graco car seat

The Boulevard can be used in the rear-facing position for kids up to 40 pounds (the size of a typical 4-year-old, and an average rear-facing weight limit for a convertible car seat). But we think it could be difficult, in practice, to actually keep a kid rear-facing in the Boulevard graco turbobooster for that long. Unlike with our other convertible picks, with the Boulevard the design of the seat itself doesn’t really accommodate larger kids in the rear-facing position. Our top pick, the Graco Extend2Fit Convertible, has a pull-out extension panel to create extra legroom.

After careful consideration and consultation with experts, we reached the decision that field testing alone, without crash testing, should dictate our picks within this guide. If anything, our research has confirmed that graco car seat caregivers can take comfort in knowing that most car seats do their jobs very well. “Five-point harness child restraint seats are highly effective in reducing the chances of injury and death,” Maltese explained.

The bottom of the seat is smooth and solid, designed to minimize the pressure marks that occasionally result on vehicle upholstery from a tightly installed seat. The insert itself has a separate head and body support, with an adjustable elastic to raise the head support as the child grows. Later in 2022, we tested four additional seats, putting them through the same paces as the previous batch.