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This attachment also has a flip-out soft bristle brush for cleaning delicate surfaces. There’s also a dedicated upholstery tool to clear debris from couches and chairs. That said, unlike the Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+, it has no motorized turbo brush.

shark handheld vacuum

Our product testing experts spend around 40 hours conducting firsthand research in our Testing Lab, including sourcing and researching products. We strive to recommend the very best products using honest and fair testing practices and never recommend a product we don’t love, regardless of how popular it is or how big the brand is. “I got this vacuum for a one-bedroom condo, and I wanted something shark pet vacuum that doesn’t take up much space,” explained another. According to our price trackers, this vacuum hasn’t ever dipped lower than it’s currently on sale for, making it a smart time to buy. Since 2013, we’ve looked at 180 hand vacuums and conducted hundreds of hours of research and testing. We’ve concluded that the Ryobi 18V One+ Performance Hand Vacuum Kit is the best for most jobs.

If the vacuum is run continuously, its battery will drain in under 10 minutes, meaning you need to work quickly while clearing larger messes. There’s also no way of modulating its suction power, with no low-power mode to help conserve charge. However, it recharges much faster than comparable vacuums like the eufy HomeVac H11. The power button features an indicator light that gives you a rough estimate of the remaining charge as it transitions from solid blue to blinking blue at a low battery level. With nearly 10 different models, Shark’s cordless vacuum cleaner lineup offers options for every family.

Handheld vacuums are particularly helpful for people who share a home with kids, pets, or anyone else who produces frequent, small messes. This vacuum does a great job of sealing in fine allergens. shark handheld vacuum While its fabric filter isn’t HEPA-rated, it’s noticeably more effective in trapping fine particles than most other handheld vacuums without HEPA filters, like the Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+.

The Dyson Humdinger is the most powerful, lightweight handheld vacuum.¹ At just over 2.2 lbs, its compact design is engineered for easy maneuverability and accessing hard-to-reach areas. The innovative anti-tangle Hair screw tool has a conical brush bar that picks up long hair and pet hair fast. The motor-driven cleaning is designed for small spaces and upholstery.