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If you have read any news concerning education in the state of Oklahoma, you probably understand that education in Oklahoma is a war zone these days. After being ridden hard for around 125 miles, the brakes and front derailleur needed some time and attention with an Allen wrench to dial them back in. Once done, neither worked smoothly (and the former stayed rather noisy), but they were reliable. Growing weaker and running low on patches, I made a game call.

Please be aware that we make an effort to keep this information current. However, businesses and business conditions change, thus the information contained here is subject to change without the knowledge of the Ozark Trail Association. Visit our Trail Directory for an overview of the sections.

One thing I noticed was that the backpack’s zippers can be a bit tricky to open, especially when your fingers are wet or muddy. However, this didn’t deter me from using the backpack, and it didn’t seem to be a significant issue for my friends either. I’ve recalled my issues with the Ozark Trail G.1 Explorer. The bike’s shifting, braking, tires, and other attributes were annoying at times and at worst, frightening. I could easily cruise up to 26 mph on flats and slight downhills. My exact rack choice might not have been the cheapest.

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I needed a day pack and didn’t really have lots of time to search at REI for the various styles provided having only gone to one store. This daypack ended up being the cheapest after a quick perusal. I was a little concerned with how the straps would distribute weight.

Trail section pages include maps, directions, and downloadable GPS (.gpx) and Google Earth (.kml) data. Because it’s basically a single compartment stuff bag, I did have to make sure the items inside were distributed properly. I have used the hydration compartment for items like my iPad. I am a 6-foot tall male, weighing 185 lbs and it fits just as well as other day packs I’ve tried. The Ozark Trail Association maintains a number of maps to help you traverse each section of the trail. If you are using your phone for navigation, bring a paper copy of a map in case you lose signal or find yourself without battery.

Pack a file for smoothing the toenails during your trip. After the Ozark Trail experience, I found a good podiatrist. He used a spacer and small lifting device to correct ozark trail chair this wayward toe’s position, the result of a childhood injury. I printed Ozark Trail maps but purchased section maps because of ease of use and durability.