The 4 Best Booster Car Seats of 2024 Reviews by Wirecutter

The Clek Olli is a backless booster seat with rigid LATCH that weighs 5 pounds. The LATCH connectors release easily with the pull of a strap. This seat comes in a range of stylish, premium fabrics, and it has a removable carrying strap and dishwasher-safe cupholder.

We’ve tested boosters both with and without LATCH; you’ll find multiple non-LATCH recommendations in the Other good booster seats section of this guide. But a booster that’s well engineered, with thoughtful features, can help provide a safer fit, a comfier ride, and a more pleasant overall experience for you and your kids. To ensure a secure installation, it is important to tightly attach the booster seat to the vehicle’s seat using the seat belt or LATCH system. Make sure the seat belt is correctly threaded through the designated belt path and tightened securely. It’s no secret that we’re fans of the TurboBooster and that that love has grown to include the TurboBooster family of products as that product line has grown.

But for families that want to purchase a standalone backless booster, the GoFit Plus is a quality option. This seat weighs 6 pounds and has a Best Bet rating from the IIHS for its ability to provide a proper seat-belt fit. The Chicco KidFit ClearTex Plus has the best combination of features we’ve found in a high-back booster. It’s user-friendly, our kid testers thought it was comfortable, and the fabric cover is easy to keep clean. We also like that it converts from high-back to backless, requires minimal assembly, and has a sporty, modern look.

This model is 9.5 years old, 63 pounds, and 51 inches tall. Most of the time she rides in a backless booster but she was kind enough to test out this booster in high back mode for us. She’s at the top range of the height for the seat and found it uncomfortable with the back portion attached. The lap belt fit well low across his hips, but the shoulder belt  was a little close to his neck. It’s still a decent belt fit, but ideally the shoulder belt would be more centered on his collarbone.

Range of height (inches) allowed for a child when using the seat in highback booster mode. Range of weight (lbs.) allowed for child when using the seat in highback booster mode. The BubbleBum isn’t the best performer in our commissioned crash test. While it didn’t score as poorly as the graco turbobooster Backless, it didn’t match the results of higher-ranking boosters. It also has a tendency to shift under passenger weight and could cause trouble for some passengers with chronic adjustments. However, if your little one needs a booster for travel, camp, or carpool situations, it is hard to find a more portable option that works better.

After careful consideration and consultation with experts, we decided that field testing alone should dictate our picks within this guide. The most effective strategy for keeping your kids safe on the road is to choose a car seat that works well for your family and then to use it correctly. Despite the safety advantages of high-back boosters, they may not be ideal for every situation. Since backless boosters are smaller and lighter, many caregivers find them to be more convenient, especially when a seat needs to be moved frequently.

It was also very easy for my son to figure out how to maneuver his seatbelt through and around the carseat itself.We have thoroughly used this carseat. He has used it now for nearly three years, including many long road trips. The only aspect I wish it would have would be a little more support near the shoulders and neck in case children fall asleep. The arm rests were nice, however, to help prop him up when he fell asleep. Last year, we were able to remove the back from the carseat and just leave it as the booster portion.

graco turbobooster

She meets all the guidelines for sitting in a high back booster seat. She is over 4 years old and weighs over 50 lbs and 4’1 in height so I felt comfortable moving her into a booster since her harnessed seat was expiring. This seat feels more sturdy than the one in her dad’s truck,plus as I move the headrest up, it doesn’t get more flimsy like the other booster.Ease of UseIts easy to put together,and install in the car for sure . My only complaint is the belt guide and how the seat belt twists if you try to fasten my daughter into her seat while the belt is in the guide.

If you need an everyday booster for regular car rides, the Chicco KidFit Zip Air Plus 2-in-1 is our favorite option. This booster has a below-average price, one of the best crash test results, and impressive features for comfort. graco turbobooster We’ve been testing safety seats since 2014, including commissioning crash testing with the same facility (MGA Research) that works with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) for their car seat tests.

Although we believe most kids will fit comfortably in the KidFit ClearTex Plus, its slender frame may be less appealing to bigger kids who prefer a wider seat. Late in 2015, the original TurboBooster started shipping with an improved back to base connection that stops the seat from flopping around when it’s being moved. This makes the seat a great option for carpooling situations that don’t require three seats across.