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It is also important to consider the way in which the tent poles attach to the tent. Many of our picks use grommet attachments, which are more secure and simple to repair than key attachments if anything should break. Pitch a truck bed tent right in the back of your truck to keep your sleeping bag off the ground and be ready to get up and go whenever you need to. Look through a variety of truck tent sizes to find the best fit for your truck bed and enjoy a tent that takes advantage of the solid foundation and protective qualities provided by a truck. Overall, I’m happy with my decision to try out the Ozark Trail 13×11 Screen Tent with Two Large Entrances Red. It’s a good choice for anyone looking to add a bit of shelter to their outdoor activities without breaking the bank.

At 16.7 lbs, it may not be the lightest option, but the included carry bag made transportation and storage much easier. I like that it’s made to fold up compactly so it can easily fit into the back of my car when I’m heading out for a day at the lake. While the screen house performed well, there were a couple of minor drawbacks. The zipper opening could have been a bit taller for taller individuals, and the frame felt a bit less sturdy than some other high-end options on the market.

Most of the tents we tested came with basic L-shaped stakes, which tended to spin around in the soil and slip a line. The shepherd’s hook design, in contrast, held lines secure. A full rain cover, two vestibules, and an extra-sturdy pole structure make this the best choice for families who want to get outside in any weather. I recently had the opportunity to try the ozark trail chair for myself, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Erecting this 10’x10′ shelter took a mere 60 seconds with its user-friendly design.

ozark trail screen house

When pushed, most of the reps we talked to estimated five to 10 years, though the actual lifespan will vary widely depending on care and frequency of use (for more advice, read REI’s excellent tips). In conducting research for this guide, we heard multiple tales of careful campers who had been using the same tent for 15 years or more. Throughout all our testing, we wanted to know how it felt to be inside the tents for long periods of time. If we had to spend a day in the tent during a storm, would it be comfortable?

Though the Wireless’s fly kept water out of the tent’s interior, it took longer to fully dry once the rain stopped than some others we tested. If you don’t have time to let the fly dry before you pack the Wireless in its duffle, we recommend laying it out when you ozark trail canopy get home so it doesn’t mildew in storage. The Wireless 6’s drawbacks have mainly to do with material quality. These can be as strong, or even more so, than aluminum poles (especially cheap ones), but they’re always bulkier, heavier, and not as nice to handle.