Ozark Trail 40-60F Sleeping Bag WM-30BLUWFS Rollaway Beds Shipped Within 24 Hours

All these things usually add up to costing more overall. The individual metrics we used to assess each sleeping bag are important to a good night’s sleep. They serve as a solid ozark trail canopy foundation in determining which bag is right for you. However, these metrics become the most helpful when you have a clear idea of the type of camping you plan to do.

This bag is perfect for the campground and can also be brought into the backcountry. However, its down insulation and increased capability come at a higher price. It doesn’t pack down as small as many modern, mummy-shaped backpacking sleeping bags, and it also lacks some of the extra features often provided by car-camping bags.

This high-quality bag offers a lot of perks at a very reasonable price point. The value of the Polara and Siestra is more rooted in their features and construction. In the case of the Coleman Brazos, its value stems from an amazing price with rock-solid construction and excellent warmth. Likewise, the Kelty Galactic 30 shows value for offering down insulation at a very reasonable price.

The Ozark Trail 40-60F Sleeping Bag is a sensible choice for camping, backpacking, and other outdoor activities. This washable sleeping bag has been designed for use in temperatures between 40 degrees and 60 degrees Fahrenheit, to keep you warm on cold nights. The Ozark Trail 40-60F Sleeping Bag is highly durable, as it is lined with 100% polyester fabric both on the inside and outside.

I had to add a fleece sleeping bag for more insulation. I used this bag from February of 2002 to June of 2002 on the Appalachian Trail, and I still have it. The first night out it was less ozark trail sleeping bag than 14 degrees F, and I had at least 50 nights under 40 degrees F. I can’t say I was warm, but I wasn’t shivering, freezing, or cold either, although I did wear 2 layers of clothing.

Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. Our proprietary tech ensures that recalled items are never listed. I think the expensive bags are just marketing and overengineering, unless you are going to the arctic.

If you need more room than the Polara offers, the Big Agnes Echo Park 20 is much more spacious. If not, stick with the Polara’s versatility of offering three bags in one. Traditional camping sleeping bags are known to be a little big-boned, so packed size was not a complete deal-breaker for us. However, space is rarely unlimited, so we rated each bag according to its stowed size. We also factored each bag’s packed weight and the overall ease of stuffing it into its stuff sack.

You can buy an expensive bag if you think it will make you more hardcore, but I will gladly tell everyone how hardcore you are if you pay me to do so. I was on a budget so I figured I would go with a less expensive bag. I got in the bag, tried to zip it and the zipper tore immediately.

ozark trail sleeping bag

I won’t ever buy an expensive sleeping bag after carrying this cheapo, unless I can find a cheap bag that weighs a lot less. Yes, it received the lowest scores available for this metric. But, thanks to its over-sized duffel, it packs up easier (not faster) than many of the smaller bags we tested.

Lastly, the Teton Celsius XXL, Kelty Catena, and Coleman Brazos all packed up well enough to get on the board with above-average scores for this metric. Of the three, the Kelty is the easiest to pack, thanks to its larger stuff sack. It is easy to get in and out of, since the zipper runs down to your feet. It is water resistant, but not waterproof, and it stores extremely well. When it’s in the compression sack it comes with, it’s about 12 inches tall and 5 inches wide. Your order should arrive by this date if you buy today.