Ozark Trail 7-Person 2-in-1 Screen House Connect Tent with 2 Doors, Canopy Sold Separately

I thought of resorting to duct tape, but since I had none handy, with great finesse I managed to lift each corner one pipe segment at a time. Some middle sections fell out but I had a standing frame of sorts, swaying and wobbling. The set-up is extremely complicated and ozark trail canopy took two persons over an hour to complete, including all staking of the structure and guy lines as required by the instructions. We placed the screen house over a picnic table at the campsite and it did a fairly good job of keeping insects out while we were eating.

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The product line, including its tents, should remain available through the end of 2024. The biggest material difference between the Sundome and our other picks is its crunchy, tarp-like polyethylene floor. The other tents in this guide all have bathtub-style tape-seamed polyester floors, which is the standard among high-quality tents. The Sundome’s tarp is clearly a budget material, but for what it was, we found it user-friendly. It’s easy to mop up after wet paws and spills, and it doesn’t hold moisture. It’s unlikely to be as durable, though, as the softer, stronger polyester found in our other picks.

The setup time is a reasonable 15 minutes, but it might take a bit longer if you’re a beginner like me. Furthermore, the poles are quite long, making it a two-person job to put it up. However, once it’s set up, it’s sturdy enough to withstand even the strongest breezes. Setting up the screen house was incredibly easy, thanks to the color-coded poles and plastic hubs. The durable steel support poles and fiberglass pole roof gave us confidence in the product’s sturdiness, even in windy conditions.

ozark trail screen house

Additionally, the clips that hold the tent pieces together are dangerously stretched, leading me to worry about their longevity. While the other issues may not be as concerning, it’s the clips that have me on the fence about using this tent again. I’ve enjoyed its versatility and airy feel, but I’ll wait and see if these problems can be fixed before deciding whether to purchase it again. This product from the list of stuff that I wish I never had bought it would in the top two. Setting up the screenhouse you need an army of people to hold the frame in place to put the screen over. Then the hooks don’t even reach the holes at the bottom of the poles.

After we pitched the tent, the Mineral King 3’s adaptable fly let us leave half the mesh dome uncovered. At the first sign of rain, it took only a few seconds—and a quick hand stuck outside the tent—to unfurl the fly and secure it for ozark trail chair a dry night’s sleep. When we awoke, we could roll back one part of the vestibule, make coffee, and watch the sky lighten even though it was still raining. To compare tent fabrics, you also need to know their overall rip strength.

I loved the size of this screen house but after a few uses, the 4-way hub gable cracked and a couple of the curved roof poles bent a little. I was wondering if anyone out there can e-mail me the manual. I packed my Ozark Trail WMT1412R 14’x12′ Screen House away because of Huricane Katrina and I guess in all the confusion I did not pack the manual in a waterproof container. My screen house and all the poles were safe but the manual got water soaked and since we did not get the screen house out it is now unreadable besides we cannot separate the pages. We’ve tested (and recommended) Eureka tents in past versions of this guide. In October 2023, Eureka’s parent company, Johnson Outdoors, announced that it was discontinuing the Eureka brand.

Regularly clean the screens and frames, and consider applying a protective coating to the materials to shield them from the elements. It is also essential to secure the screen house properly, especially in windy conditions. Despite the fact that the tarp is designed to keep critters out, I personally found it to be useful more as a protective shield against the sun, wind, and rain. It was great to have the shark-mouthed duffel included as it made it easy to store and transport the tarp when I wasn’t using it. Additionally, setting it up was a breeze — the one pole, along with the stakes and guy-lines, made the process both quick and easy.