The 5 Best Shark Vacuums of 2024: Reviews

We prefer a cordless handheld vacuum for these cleaning tasks, but it’s a nice option to earn a spot in our best vacuum list. At 16 pounds, this vacuum is heavy, making it difficult to carry up and down the stairs, but it was still easily maneuverable. The Lift-Away Technology design simplifies cleaning stairs and upholstery, giving extra versatility. The vacuum comes with a simple, non-motorized shark stick vacuum upholstery attachment and a crevice tool, which were fine; our reviewer wishes there was also a dusting brush attachment, which would be used for baseboards. Corded vacuums are often more affordable than cordless models, and many have wider floor headers, which can ensure vacuuming is a much quicker task. Although if you have nooks and crannies the vacuum may not be able to reach them.

Its stellar cleaning performance, light weight and easy-to-use features and attachments all make it a standout. We’re not fans of having to wall-mount stick vacuums to get them to stand on their own, but we’re willing to overlook that for how well the Dyson cleans and all the other plusses it offers. We know from experience that buying the best vacuum cleaner is a confusing proposition no matter what brands or models you are considering. In fact, I’m often asked by friends, relatives and visitors to our Good Housekeeping Institute Home Care and Cleaning Lab to recommend the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair, the best stick vacuum or the best robot vacuum. And inevitably, I’m also asked my opinion of two very specific and very popular vacuum cleaner brands, Shark and Dyson. Dyson’s V15 cordless vacuum cleaner really is its most impressive yet.

If you’re looking for a compact vacuum that you can grab quickly to clean up the odd spillage straight away, the Shark WandVac is the best stick vacuum for the job. Straightforward and simple, the Shark WandVac can be used as a stick vacuum or in handheld mode. In our review testing we found it extremely easy to empty, too – although with a smaller than usual dust canister, you’ll find yourself having to do this often.

Prolux’s bagless backpack vacuum cleaner also features a canister that collects dust, dirt, and debris as you vacuum your home. With the clear canister, you can see how much debris is collected, making it easy to know when it’s time to open the canister and shark pet vacuum empty it! Failure to use genuine Prolux filtration bags, filters & accessories with your Prolux appliance will immediately void your appliance warranty. The Prolux warranty does not apply to any non-Prolux branded products or Services (including repairs).

The best cordless vacuum with a large dust canister is a must if you have a big home, and the Dyson V11 Outsize (in the US, just referred to as the Outsize) really fits the bill here. The 1.9-liter dust canister is the largest in this guide (and one of the largest we’ve tested) and holds 150% more than the above Dyson V15 Detect Absolute (#3), meaning you don’t have to empty it often. The cleaning head is also wider than usual, so you’ll be able to cover more ground than with a standard cordless cleaner –another feature that makes it well suited to larger homes.

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They now offer the same suction power as their corded cousins, for up to 60 minutes. That’s plenty of time to scoot over a three-bedroom home, given that these cordless devices are light and easy to steer. In practice, the vacuum cleaner is most effective in eco mode on hard floors. It needs the normal or boost mode to give it the best chance at tackling carpets. In boost mode, the vacuum only lasts 10 minutes, which is impractical for anyone with a big house full of carpets, but the normal mode is fine if you’re vacuuming often.