Yes, this cordless Shark vacuum really weighs less than 4 pounds, and it’s down to $100 at Amazon

LED lights guide the way in low light spaces like closets and under furniture, and the clearance of the Stratos is by far the most impressive out of the entire Shark cordless vacuum lineup, being just shy of three inches. This makes it a great pick for getting under couches and maneuvering around table legs. In addition, we found that its agility didn’t dampen the suction, which easily picked up large debris on both high- and low-pile carpets. This cordless vacuum comes with two handy attachments that tackle dust and allergens on upholstery and shelving, plus myriad features that flawlessly tackle dirt on both tile and carpet.

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Its dual soft fuzzy rollers hug the floor and allow you to pick up dirt whether you push or pull it. If you are looking to only spend around $100 for a stick vacuum to do occasional or light cleaning, this Vactidy Blitz V8 is a solid option. Weighing in at just over 5 pounds, it’s lightweight and has a metal telescopic wand, which we like for cleaning high spots like shelves and ceiling corners, though the plastic body feels flimsier than other models we tested.

In our baking-soda cleaning test, this Ryobi model extracted 96% of the debris—nearly as much as the Dyson V12 Detect Slim picked up. Weighing just over 5 pounds, the V12 Detect Slim maneuvers easily in awkward spaces and on stairs. Though most of its weight sits on top, we found the V12 Detect Slim comfortable for our hands and wrists. Its cleaner head swivels 180 degrees, allowing it to reach into tight corners, around table legs, and between furniture better than other vacuums we’ve tested. Whereas previous Dyson models featured an uncomfortable trigger-style switch that you needed to squeeze for operation, the V12 Detect Slim has an on/off button. This vacuum does a great job of dealing with debris in cracks and crevices.

You also have to take into account its filtration, maneuverability, accessories, and special features tailored to your specific needs. Naturally, when given the chance to try out their latest cordless stick vacuum (that also self-empties!), I couldn’t pass it up. Without further ado, here are my thoughts on the Shark Cordless Detect Pro. However, they’re also notably pricier than comparable Sharks, which usually feel better built. You can see a more detailed comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of each brand’s offerings in this comparison article. When we test vacuums in the Cleaning Lab, cleaning performance is our number one concern.

When we evaluate a stick or any vacuum, we base our tests on ASTM International standard test methods. A major part of Good Housekeeping’s role on this committee is to make sure these standards are relevant to how everyday consumers actually use vacuum cleaners and their experiences with them. With high and low power modes, the Vactidy did a great job cleaning bare floors. And while it did well picking up pet hair from carpet, some hair clung to the nozzle and had to be removed by hand. Anything oversized or slightly sticky runs the risk of gumming up the works. If any part of the vacuum cleaner is clogged up, the machine loses suction power.

They now offer the same suction power as their corded cousins, for up to 60 minutes. That’s plenty of time to scoot over a three-bedroom home, given that these cordless devices are light and easy to steer. In practice, the vacuum cleaner is most effective in eco mode shark pet vacuum on hard floors. It needs the normal or boost mode to give it the best chance at tackling carpets. In boost mode, the vacuum only lasts 10 minutes, which is impractical for anyone with a big house full of carpets, but the normal mode is fine if you’re vacuuming often.

Its stellar cleaning performance, light weight and easy-to-use features and attachments all make it a standout. We’re not fans of having to wall-mount stick vacuums to get them to stand on their own, but we’re willing to overlook that for how well the Dyson cleans and all the other plusses it offers. We know from experience that buying the best vacuum cleaner is a confusing proposition no matter what brands or models you are considering. In fact, I’m often asked by friends, relatives and visitors to our Good Housekeeping Institute Home Care and Cleaning Lab to recommend the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair, the best stick vacuum or the best robot vacuum. And inevitably, I’m also asked my opinion of two very specific and very popular vacuum cleaner brands, Shark and Dyson. Dyson’s V15 cordless vacuum cleaner really is its most impressive yet.