5 Best Fat Tire Bikes of 2024

He did a good video recently on some more budget parts (including hydraulic disc brakes) as well as he has been playing with a Walmart MTB recently. Nouran Salah’s decision as a woman to ride a bike in Cairo turned heads. Over time, it’s also turned perspectives. At one of pro cycling’s most revered races, one of pro cycling’s most revered bikes gets a makeover. In a partnership between Cannondale, EF Pro Cycling, and Rapha, a limited-production, modern classic is born – and now available for purchase. Your payment of $15 goes to an industrywide fund that ensures batteries from Cannondale e-bikes are recycled at end of life and do not end up in landfills.

The Argus’ drive train uses a 2×8 system with a Microshift derailleur in the front and a Shimano Tourney in the rear. The Mongoose Argus Trail frame is comprised of 6061 aluminum. There is also a steel version sold at a slightly lower mongoose fat bike cost. Also, visit a local bike shop, more than one of them if possible. Talk with them and see if they will let you test ride some bikes. If you find a shop that is high pressure or snobby just keep looking, good shops are out there.

Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I had one for awhile that I didn’t ride very much, turns out I hate riding in the snow anyway. They are heavy but like it’s said above, more of a workout. So far, I’ve only ridden it around the driveway and already hate the terrible twist shifter. The stock seat/torture device was replaced with an XL wide seat before it was even assembled. World Marathon XC champ Mona Mitterwallner spends more time riding her Scalpel than anyone you’ll probably ever meet.

mongoose fat bike

The component build is competitive, keeps cost down, and functions as needed. The Mongoose Argus Trail mongoose bicycle handled my excursions with ease. The bike carried my body weight well, did not flex, and is durable.

Explore trails that aren’t on the app but clearly existright here, right now, in real life. Pack extra water and a sandwich in case things go right and you’re havingtoo much damn fun to head home.Make epic happen. Plus, it has the mechanical brakes that make it safe to stop quickly and on slippery or uneven surfaces.

This bike comes with the same features as the other Mongoose models, only this one is made for kids (ages six and up) as well as adults. With a steel-frame base and extra wide wheels and tires, this bike’s pretty easy to learn on and can handle multiple terrain types, such as sand and snow. The rigid frame works well for snow and sand riding but loses ability in comparison to a suspended mountain bike. The Argus just so happens to be capable enough for trail riding too. Based on how many miles riders get out of this one, it seems to be a very durable pick. It’s made with a steel frame, a four-inch-wide bike-wheel size, aluminum crank arms, and front and back brakes for optimal riding in anything from sand to snow.