Graco TurboBooster 2 0 Highback Booster Car Seat

Overall score is based on crash protection, ease of use, and the booster seat’s potential to fit a vehicle and child. The Chicco KidFit Zip Air Plus 2-in-1 and the Maxi-Cosi RoadiSport come in second place for comfort in this group. The most uncomfortable options are the Graco TurboBooster Backless and the Clek Oobr. The lack of a back and napping headrest hurt the score for the backless option, while neither offered suitable padding that was supportive and compressed to avoid pressure points. Boosters are positioning devices, meaning the car’s seat belt is responsible for restraining the child.

For quality, we consider the materials and construction of the final seat. We analyzed our purchased competitors’ padding, foam, fabric, and attention to detail. Each component influences the longevity and stability of the booster. We checked the weight and width of each seat at its widest point. The booster’s weight can be crucial if you use it on travel or carpooling. The test dummies include sensors that measure impact forces in the chest.

We see how the TurboBooster could end up on your shortlist, given its smaller size, lower weight, and additional features like armrests and cup holders. However, it is not our seat of choice for any use, be that every day or for travel, and given the lower crash testing results, we’d recommend parents look elsewhere for suitable options based on their goals. Considering comfort factors, we compare the foam support, fabric feel, the seat’s design, the depth of the seat bottom and headrest, and the potential for napping. Some boosters offer denser padding, a cushy feel, softer fabric, or a steel frame. Boosters are tested side-by-side by adult testers and children for general comfort compared to the competition. We contracted with the same crash test facility used by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) to conduct our booster seat crash tests.

graco turbobooster

The seat and the child are still held in place by the vehicle seat belt — on a booster, the lower anchors only keep the booster in place if it’s empty during a crash. If this booster isn’t installed with the lower anchors, buckle the vehicle seat belt when the seat is empty. If your goal is an excellent option for little ones to carry themselves or something compact you graco car seat can use while traveling, then the BubbleBum is our favorite. This simple booster is an inflatable cushion with a shoulder belt positioner that can be quickly and easily deployed in almost any situation. The lower price and better crash test analysis results than the TurboBooster make it a great option for when a high-backed traditional booster would be impractical.

Once the booster is flat, lift the back portion off of the backless portion and store it with your possibly embarrassingly large pile of car seats and car seat parts. Our tester was able to buckle the belt easily, but the shoulder belt did get twisted. We do think this will sort itself out over time as children learn how it works and get some practice under their belts.

The Diono Monterey 2XT Latch is similar to our top pick in terms of function, but it’s covered in a plusher fabric and has the option of extending the sides through the shoulders. This makes it a good choice for kids who have a wider frame and parents who want bigger children to stay in a high-back booster seat longer. This seat received a Best Bet rating from the IIHS for its ability to provide a proper seat-belt fit. She’s got plenty of room to grow in the TurboBooster LX with True Shield and it offers a good vehicle seat belt fit. She climbed into the TurboBooster LX without any trouble and was able to buckle herself in properly. She reports that the armrests are too short for her tastes — she’s got a fondness for car seats with higher sides around the thighs so I’m not surprised at this.

And as with our top pick, the seat belt slides into the threader from the bottom up (though one tester found Chicco’s version to be more intuitive). The TurboBooster LX has a standard stationary graco turbobooster plastic cupholder on one side, and on the other there’s a cupholder that slides in and out of the seat base. These cupholders cannot be removed for cleaning (as the Chicco’s cupholders can).

It also tucks nicely into a backpack or other smallish bags that a booster rider might carry. At about 1 pound, it’s light enough that most carpoolers can carry it in such a bag or backpack without issue. This Graco has one of the worst sensor results for the head sensor in the review with recorded G-forces more than twice the next lowest-performing competitors. The chest clip results are somewhat better and manage to prevent this booster from earning the lowest analysis score in the group, but they are still below the average for the group. The HIC result is enough to give us pause, and we would not use this booster with our children.