The 6 Best Camping Sleeping Bags of 2024 Tested

This high-quality bag offers a lot of perks at a very reasonable price point. The value of the Polara and Siestra is more rooted in their features and construction. In the case of the Coleman Brazos, ozark trail sleeping bag its value stems from an amazing price with rock-solid construction and excellent warmth. Likewise, the Kelty Galactic 30 shows value for offering down insulation at a very reasonable price.

Too bad the buyer at Walmart has gone to sleep on quality control on this product. Of the two-person bags we tested, the Nemo Jazz 30 Double was our favorite for its plush comfort, followed closely by the Kelty Tru.Comfort. Both bags are similar in design, but in the end, we simply preferred the Nemo’s interior and exterior fabrics over the Kelty. Nice Ozark Trail Warmfoot 75” by 33” Polyester fiber batting insulation.

The bag on its own is very comfortable down to the 30-degree range. Comfort was assessed by sharing each sleeping bag with multiple testers to garner diverse opinions. We also conducted specific tests involving ease of movement, bag dimensions, and natural padding. For warmth, we got more scientific with an ice-block test, a laser thermometer, and side-by-side timed tests on the same chilly night. Features and packed size were the final performance areas of interest, and we broke features down into a list and rated each one.

This bag is perfect for the campground and can also be brought into the backcountry. However, its down insulation and increased capability come at a higher price. It doesn’t pack down as small as many modern, mummy-shaped backpacking sleeping bags, and it also lacks some of the extra features often provided by car-camping bags.

ozark trail sleeping bag

Our team has spent countless nights in the great outdoors, scoring each bag’s details and quirks side by side. Our road trips have landed us under the stars in national parks as well as dozens of common campgrounds from Alabama to Utah. We’ve spent hours ozark trail sleeping bag examining each bag, prioritizing warmth, comfort, thoughtful features, spacious cuts, and more. For our take on how each bag ranks against one another, we compiled an extensive review aiming to help lead you to cozy, restful nights in the outdoors.

Weighing just 2.9 pounds for a size long, the Galactic is very lightweight among the rectangular, traditional car-camping models. It’s not exactly built for backpacking, but it also packs down small enough that we would certainly consider it for short hike-in campsites if we ozark trail sleeping bag didn’t have another option. Finally, the Kelty Galactic 30 is a more basic bag that offers a stand-out feature worth mentioning. The Galactic’s 550-down insulation sets it apart from the other bags on our list. Our two double-person bags scored almost evenly in this metric.