Yes, this cordless Shark vacuum really weighs less than 4 pounds, and it’s down to $100 at Amazon

This versatile vacuum comes with 6 different cleaning attachment accessories to tackle any cleaning job from floor level to overhead. The hand vacuum can be used to handle smaller messes or used in combination with the extension tube and floor accessory to clean up floor areas. A HEPA Filter allows for clean efficient cleanup of fine dust and drywall and follows OSHA Table 1 Compliance under housekeeping rules. It comes fully equipped with an extension tube, floor nozzle, flexible hose, crevice nozzle, gulper brush, round brush, belt hook, accessory holder, and HEPA filter. Up to 21.4 minutes of runtime per charge using DCB205 battery (sold separately).

The short answer is that cordless vacuums run on batteries while most uprights need plugged in. Ever-improving tech means many models are now just as powerful as many uprights, but there are still some crucial differences. We found that the full power setting was on shark stick vacuum a par with our resident corded vacuum, and on the lowest speed setting worked brilliantly on hard floors. If you have pets around the home then the Henry Quick will gamely tease the stray hairs with ease from the hard floors, plus upholstery and deep-pile carpets.

Even in the ones it didn’t excel at, it still had commendable performance. The front-facing bin holds .65 liters of dust, dirt and pet hair and the unit converts into a handheld vac for precision cleaning. Along with the Laser Slim Fluffy, you’ll also get a high-torque cleaner head, a hair screw tool and a crevice tool, just to name a few. If money is no barrier, and you want the most powerful cordless vacuum for your cash, the V15 is tough to match.

shark stick vacuum

The Shark Rocket Cordless Stick Vacuum combines powerful suction with cordless convenience to deliver deep cleaning on all floor types. Its lightweight design and shark stick vacuum removable handheld vacuum allow for cleaning from floor to ceiling. The Halo capsule X cordless vacuum boasts an impressive combination of power and lightness.

Hoover has combated that pretty spectacularly with its new vacuum, the Corner Genie. Having two brushes means the size of the overall head is bigger, which has made it slightly harder to manoeuvre than previous version but far more efficient at picking up mess on its first swipe, on both floor and carpet. It’s especially shark stick vacuum efficient on the boost setting, though that setting is noisy and goes through the battery in around 12 minutes. In a similar fashion, we assess how well the vacuum picks up large and fine particles of debris (like rice, dry oatmeal and gritty sand) from hard flooring like vinyl and how closely it cleans along edges.