Ozark Trail 45 ltr, Backpacking Backpack, Gray

I recently attended a seminar that explained the major difference of carrying lighter gear while outdoors. Here’s another AWESOME thing about the Ozark Trail Atka day pack. It’s sized to fit every airline’s carry-on size requirements.

“I was cautioned by members in the OT Facebook group that a July thru-hike would be brutal. “Extreme heat increased water intake, and the summer storms were fierce. Lightning struck just 350 feet from me, and the winds destroyed my shelter system…so I had to spend an unexpected $150 for a new Hennesy hammock system. “I was surprised that Missouri could have a wilderness that still gives a feeling of solitude.

Temperatures can swing from chilly mornings to sweltering afternoons. Pack rain gear to stay dry, and consider bringing one or two sets of clothing for hiking and one set of clothing to change into at camp. One of the best parts of backpacking is settling around a campfire and enjoying a hot dinner after a long day of hiking. You may find it helpful to make a list of meals for each day you are out on the trail to ensure that you are not over- or under-packing for your trip. Some 1-person tents will have two major spars or spines that cross for the main support structure. In the Ozark Trail tent, it has only one spar traveling down the center lengthwise with a single rib to open up the area in the middle.

ozark trail backpack

Outdoor activities such as hiking and biking, and also for school. The front and hip straps make it very comfortable and takes alot of the pressure of your shoulders and back. Ultimately, the good design for this product was that it was sized right for what I needed, both in dimensions and weight. Not too small, but not too large (and thus wasteful) – a Goldilocks design. After all, I had to be sensitive to weight as we were required to carry our own water for 10 miles as there were no options for filtering during that stretch. Overall, it could have been roomier, but the weight savings were attractive to me with only one spar instead of two.

My glucose meter and keys went in the small outside pocket. I did instantly notice the difference of carrying a lighter bag. I also don’t really prefer single compartment ozark trail chairs stuff bags, but, this works for what I need. I sweated just a bit but not too much since the walk was short (and I didn’t want to sweat after a shower).