DEWALT Circular Saws Saws

But perhaps a better application for this is cutting form lumber for concrete and making cuts in industrial lumber used to shore up excavations and mines. In those applications, much of the cutting goes on at a central cutting station. Power and durability, not so much mobility, rule the day in those applications. And if you need those two features, this Milwaukee delivers. We didn’t pamper it, cutting Douglas fir framing lumber and red oak. Everything about the saw is excellent, from its workmanship to its reliable cordless power to the accuracy of its cut.

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dewalt circular saw

The fact that it is cordless and brushless makes it able to compete highly with anything else on the market currently. One thing I noticed that’s different than normal circ saws is the way you change out blades. Normally you need a small hex-wrench to remove the 7 1/4” blades, but with this little guy all you need is an Allen wrench. I don’t see a benefit or disadvantage dewalt circular saw to this either way, as both full-sized and compact versions of their saws have a slot that the tool snaps into, so you don’t lose the tool. Currently we offer FREE FedEx/UPS small package Ground shipping and FREE ABF/YRC freight ground shipping on most orders of $199 or more within the 48 contiguous states. Most orders under $199 will receive $6.49 flat rate shipping.

Names and mailing addresses may be shared between participating parties in the cooperative database services, but no credit card information or email addresses are provided to the cooperative. Prices and availability of products and services are subject to change without notice. These gloves are great for light to heavy-duty tasks with maximum durability, dexterity, and a no-slip grip. They’re made of nylon, dipped in a specialized coating to protect you in wet, dry, or oily applications.

The DeWalt 60V is a massive slab of a saw and the heaviest of the five rear-handle saws we tested—even heavier than the 13.4-pound Milwaukee below. If you need that, particularly for making long beveled cuts in rafters or cutting wet pressure-treated lumber for decking framing or landscape work, this saw serves nicely for those purposes. The Metabo-HPT embodies aspects of the traditional left-blade circular saw that have endeared it to generations of carpenters. Its chief virtue is that it has a high power-to-weight ratio. This is a fast-cutter, even if it’s not quite as strong as the DeWalt, Milwaukee, or Flex rear-handle saws, but (depending on the saw you’re comparing it to) it is almost 3 to 4 pounds lighter.

This DeWalt Sledgehammer was essential during our hardwood floor removal – I absolutely LOVED wielding this thing. It was lightweight enough for me to manage, yet it packed a powerful punch. I think this is an absolute game-changer for saw technology and I hope to see it adopted as an industry standard across all circular saws.

It feels stable in one hand or extremely secure using both hands with the forward grip. That means you have longer battery life on smaller tools when you need it AND more power on larger tools when you need that and it’s as easy as swapping the battery from one tool to the next. It’s an extremely versatile battery system providing for extreme ease of use which is something I am very interested in.

When paired with the versatility of the FLEXVOLT line of tools, this is a fantastic addition to your tool arsenal. As a right-handed person, this is the preferred configuration for any saw for me. You can find saws in both a right or a left configuration so if you’re left-handed or prefer a different configuration, you may want to consider what options are available to you.