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The trapdoor mechanism on the Dyson vacuum’s dustbin releases debris, so you don’t come in contact with it. Yet, attachments must be removed before you can empty the dustbin, and you might miss your trash can if you don’t position the dustbin just right. The generously sized dust bin is easy to remove, and the contents empty out at the bottom, so you’ll have minimal or no direct contact with all the contents.

Its electric cleaner head struggled to remove all of the baking soda on bare floors close to the baseboards, but its parquet attachment excelled at this. If you live in a small petless apartment with just a couple of rugs, you may get away with a cordless stick or a robot as your sole vacuum cleaner. But if you have a bigger home, or if you have pets, lots of rugs, or wall-to-wall carpets, you’ll likely want a plug-in upright or canister model. Pet owners will really appreciate the hair-screw tool, which is an anti-tangle conical brush bar that spirals hair off your surfaces and into its bin. As pets can often bring germs and invisible dirt into the house, there’s a precisely angled blade of light, which makes dust visible on hard floors, so you don’t miss anything.

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Now they’re good enough to be your sole vacuum cleaner – many of our overall best vacuum picks are cordless models. As a fan of Shark vacuum cleaners (especially their stick vacuums), I was really looking forward to trying the cordless Shark Hydrovac Pro XL. Overall, it’s a nice, lightweight floor cleaner and it’s really easy to use; I was able to start cleaning without consulting the manual. The headlights on the motorhead are a nice touch to help see dirty spots on darker floors (or dust on lighter floors), as are the washable foam filters.

However, the Shark feels sturdier, has a larger dirt compartment, and does a better job of picking up debris on high-pile carpet. You should also consider how big of an area you need to vacuum and the size and weight of the vacuum, especially if you plan on carrying it up and down stairs or need extra maneuverability shark stick vacuum in tight spaces. Dena Ogden is a lifestyle and home writer who’s been writing professionally since 2016, and with The Spruce since August 2022. She specializes in appliances, cleaning, home tech, and organization topics, and has written about everything from baskets and bins to carpet shampoos and robot vacuums.

Its purpose is to highlight dust and other small bits of debris otherwise hard to spot with the naked eye. The system does work, and we observed plenty of dirt on the hard floor we’d normally miss. One drawback is that the laser isn’t visible under strong indoor lighting or sunlight. Dyson vacuums do well in the tests we run on them, though there are stick vacuums from other brands that cost less and offer similar performance. Dyson has a reputation for making powerful vacuums with sleek design and a long lifespan. Carolyn Forté has tested and reviewed hundreds of vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, mops and other major (and small) home appliances as executive director of the GH Institute Home Care and Cleaning Lab.

To help simplify things, it’s worth focusing on a few key specifications. Although it isn’t 100 per cent perfect – it’s a little heavy when in use for long times and you’ll need to shell out for new bags (it comes with six to start you off) – but it’s powerful, low-maintenance and easy on the eye. The S2 is a stylish, matte white floor-cleaning appliance that will look at home in modern interiors. It comes with a thoughtful range of accessories that feel sturdy and well made; it offers three suction levels, selected via a button on the handle; and even the wall-mounted charging dock is cute and discreet. That makes it a good option for places where space is at a premium. The Samsung Bespoke Jet AI is a serious rival to the Dyson V15 Detect.

If you have a lot of carpet, or already own a decent mop, you probably don’t need all the bells and whistles offered by the Roidmi X30 VX. If you like fancy tech, the Roidmi is a worthy investment shark handheld vacuum and a plausible rival to Dyson. Design wise, it’s smart looking with a bend in the middle both for storage and for reaching under beds or coffee tables, accessible via a button on the back.