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This is partially because I talked to a lady at REI who used one for a PCT thru-hike, but it’s also a good tent. It’s roomy enough for me and all my stuff, a nice color, and made of a fabric that doesn’t have forever chemicals. In my tests, my only complaint is that the zippers could be more fluid. As for the cost, girl math tells me that I only have to sleep in it for a few more nights than a hotel or hostel than I would with a cheaper one for me to start making money. Overall, we think the serves its intended purpose – a value brand 10×10 instant shelter that caters to price conscious consumers looking for an affordable shade option. And compared to some of the tents in the EZ-Up lineup, it sells for almost a 70% discount.

We use our own sprouted garbanzo beans, as well as fresh lemon juice and capers instead of oil to create a spread that is nutritious, low fat and ozark trail canopy savory. Getting our hands dirty with one of the best sun shelters on the market. Sign up for our mailing list and receive deals and update.

Sorry, but I refuse to consume the chemicals created when the sun beats down on Smart Water bottles. I’ll likely add a couple of tablets for a backup water sanitizing method if something happens to the filter. A pair of bright pink Goodrs, an Adidas running hat, and a sleep shirt and shorts will round out the stuff I’ll put on my body. My trekking poles are the REI Tarns—hey, if I’m short enough to buy kids’ versions of gear, I’m going to take the cost savings!

The frame is powder coated aluminum and steel with push button locking on the frame and height adjustments. The heavy 400D polyester top provides 99% UV protection and is water and fire resistant. There are 4 walls included and one of the walls has a zipper in the center for easy access under the canopy.

My day-to-day life shifted drastically after my last concussion, my ability to perform certain tasks diminished immensely. I lived in a surreal limbo, knowing that I had been capable of more and struggling to reconcile that my brain was … hurt and needed rest. I was scared that I would never be the same, that I would never have the same capacity to achieve intellectual or physical accomplishments like I had previously. So here I am, day two on trail, and already noticing a shift. As the sun comes up and things started to warm, I notice there is even more green in the trees.

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A push-button on the frame allows it to lock safely into place. It also includes a holder that can be used to support a banner. Use the canopy for outdoor picnics or parties in the park.

This is subject to change depending on the maladies that may afflict me in the coming months. I’m a twenty-something woman—I’m not giving up skincare entirely even though I will be living in the woods. Yes, my toiletries weigh over a pound; no, I will not cut weight here. I will obviously bring a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss along with my regular Cerave cleanser and lotion, plus Dr. Bronner’s soap. I’ll carry wipes for psuedo-showers each night and a small washcloth, along with retinol for the evenings and a morning face cream.

If it’s manufactured correctly, each leg should form a 90-degree angle with the floor. Getting our hands dirty with the top-rated 9×9 Neso Grande lightweight beach canopy tent. We’re more than just custom pop up tents — TentCraft is a premium fabricator of all things experiential marketing and outdoor advertising.

My stove is the MSR PocketRocket 2, but I don’t really like it. I don’t know if it’s an issue with the stove or with me, so I’ll wait and see whether I replace it with something else. I have a titanium Toaks 900 ml pot, Sea to Summit spork, and a Bic lighter—these are fine. Even though our feet were dry all day we count Fane Creek as a wet crossing. If the tree was not there, we would have gotten wet.